Where Boys Will Be Girls

Where Boys Will Be Girls

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  1. Camera: Samsung ES65, ES67 / VLUU ES65, ES67 / SL50
  2. Aperture: f/3.5
  3. Exposure: 1/250th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm


Lily was only trying to get to the store. She noted that there was a man staring at her.  Normally, she didn’t mind getting looks.  She was a girl, so therefore her body was to please men, so if they looked, it just meant she was doing her job well.  But this guy… something was weird about this guy.

For one thing, he seemed to be trying to look at Lily’s face, especially her eyes, instead of looking at her ass or her tits or her legs, which looked so fucking awesome in these leather boots. Her makeup was obviously perfect, but really, she expected a guy to move on after a point. Face-fucking could be fun, but it wasn’t the most fun that they could have.

The guy was following her now, and eventually, he cornered her as she cut through an alley.  She was a bit scared, because Leo hadn’t said anything about her fucking other men today.

"God, I didn’t recognize you at all," the guy said, "Where the hell have you been?  None of us have seen you since you went after the Mindbender when he went on that bank robbing spree!"

"What?" She was definitely nervous.  This guy wasn’t making any sense.  She was used to Leo saying things that were too complex for her.  (After all, she was just a silly dumb girl)

"Doctor Luna, its me, the Steel Fox," he said.  He lifted up his shirt to reveal some sort of black rubber/kevlar shirt.  It had an emblem on the chest.  She thought she remembered seeing it on the T.V.  After he saw the look of non-comprehension on her face, he continued, "Wait, no way, did you actually lose to the Mindbender?  He’s a three-bit chump!  You’re one of the greatest superheroes in Gateway City and you lose to a pathetic —"

Lily couldn’t remember how she got her powers.  It really wasn’t important to her anymore.  There really wasn’t any reason for her to use them anymore. Half the time, she just plain forgot she had them!  But she could tell that this horrible man was about to say mean things about her beloved Leo.  That was something that she couldn’t stomach.  So, calling upon her vast mostly-forgotten power over gravitational fields, she clasped this “Steel Fox” fellow onto the ground, her gravitational hold on him strong enough to keep from talking anymore. “Don’t say mean things about my Leo,” she pouted.  That was about as close to threatening as she could manage anymore. 

She started walking away.  She looked back, adjusted her sexy thigh-high boots, and then banished all thoughts of that nasty man from her mind, just like Leo taught her.